Seattle-based dance music group 💃🏽🎶

We're music lovers, producers, ravers, djs, lighting and effects designers, and event producers. 

Off The Record

OTR is our Thursday night weekly in partnership with Vue Lounge. Unlike a typical club weekly, we treat it like a full-production show. Every Thursday we bring in our own lighting console and programming for the house systems, high powered lasers, and our own engineering and production team to operate it all. 

Ravers first
We started this group by just trying to make something outside in a park that resembled the shows and festivals we wanted to go to.
Full Production
We believe that great shows have great production. That means amazing light production, effects, and visuals - not just sound and great music.
New Music
Our goal is to bring the latest in electronic dance music to our market. That means people who are producing today and not playing their 5 year old top40 crossover bangers.
Want to Play at a Midnight Freqs event?

We'd love to hear from you. We do get a lot of submissions, and they all get listened to, but it may take us a while to reach out, even if we love it! Our DJ signup form can be found at the bottom of our linktree here.

What's your COVID-19 policy?

We follow all local, state, and federal laws regarding COVID-19 restrictions.

At this time, neither masks, vaccines, or negative tests are required in Seattle.

Last updated August 2022. 

What's the dress code at VUE for OTR?

Vue is a nightclub, but we have a relaxed dress code from their usual nights, and rave attire is encouraged!